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Seven Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s a workplace tradition that is intended to enhance the Christmas spirit among colleagues. Yet, what do you get someone you probably hardly know and on such a low budget? We’ve put together a list of items that are practical, cost less than €25.00, and obviously stylish – and they’re all available at Kir Royal.

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What not to get a man for Christmas

It’s the thought that counts, said no one happy with their gift. Christmas is a time for giving but many gifts will fail to please those receiving them. Here’s a list of things to avoid giving any man this Christmas (or any other occasion).

Pens, calendars, and diaries

Whoever still uses these probably already has one too many. They make an impersonal gift that reflects a lack of knowledge about and/or interest in what a man really likes or needs. 

Ties and aftershave 

Of course, after pens, what else do you give a man? Unless you’re sure a man regularly wears ties and actually shaves his beard himself, it’s best to opt for a scarf or quality moisturiser.


Yes it’s practical and one can never have enough but underwear is only ever appreciated as a gift when intended as a means to something that requires it be taken off, rather than an end in itself.6

Personal artwork/knitwear/crafts 

So you got yourself a new hobby but wait till you’ve really mastered the craft before expecting others to be happy to display or wear your work.

Anti-ageing, skin rejuvenating, blemish removing skincare/facials

So a man is getting old. Why dampen his Christmas spirit by pointing it out – even if subtly.

Final word 

How many of these will you be getting this year? Any other items you think should be included in the list?

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Getting a Father’s Day gift


It’s time to think about Father’s Day. Another gift to give, another family meal to organise. More and more expenses to budget for though the toughest part is coming up with an idea for a gift. What do you get someone who by now has all he needs and completely different tastes from yours?

The easiest option is to go for the same kind of gift you gave him last Father’s Day and a few before that – oh, and for his birthday too. Another bottle of whiskey, another book, DVD, or whatever it is he actually seems to like and use. Whatever you give him, he’ll be grateful for, of course because it’s from you but if you want this Father’s Day to be special, why not go for something different? 

Getting your father something he isn’t expecting can reflect thought and time on your part – the two best gifts one can give. It doesn’t have to be expensive or in any way extraordinary. What matters most is that it’s something that your father will enjoy hence, something practical.

Gifts people get no use from are ultimately a waste of money and are often given more as a result of formality than consideration for the person. The kind of use one can get from a gift can take different forms, ranging from a purely functional use to one of mere pleasure. 

Very often, especially for older people, going for a gift that combines the two is a better option. Is your father into cooking? Why not go for functional kitchenware that features an aesthetic design element? It makes both a functional gift i.e. something he’ll use, and a treat, which he would probably not opt for if he had to pay for it himself. As always, it’s important to go for a style that matches his tastes rather than yours.

Of course finding a practical gift becomes even harder when your father doesn’t really need anything. Yet, who doesn’t need anything at all or wish for something they don’t already have? The logical thing is to ask your mum or whoever he is closest with for any clues. Being attentive for any thing he mentions in conversation will also help.

Sometimes, people also do not actually perceive a need for something until they have it. My best-friend’s dad’s mobile was old enough to be considered ‘vintage’ and he never thought of getting a new one as long as his old one worked. Till he decided to give him a smartphone, which he’s now hooked on. It was a gamble that went well. Not all do, which is why you could also consider giving an experience rather than an actual item.

How about taking him to watch a live football match, a cultural visit, or even a proper wet-shave at a reputable barber for a relaxing experience? There are plenty of things we’d like to do but never do them because we never make the time for them ultimately, remaining on our wish-list. 

Finally, what matters most is giving your time and any gift you give should show that you dedicated time for that person. After all, we only have time for those who are dearest to us and what parents wish for most is to spend more quality time with their children – even after these have grown up.

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Stylish collar stays


Most shirts come with removable, plastic collar stays that with time lose their shape or get misplaced. Our collar stays are hand finished and made of wood. This not only makes them sturdier but also easier to store – being more visible and coming with their own storage tube.

Available in three different sizes, they are both practical and elegant. 

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The innovative tie-holder

To those men who regularly wear ties, read on! This will seriously make your life much easier. 

As elegant as they are, ties can often get in the way. Flipping over your shoulders on a windy day, getting in your lunch-plate, or tilting sideways when you’re seated – all of which overshadow its formality and elegance, making you ultimately look rather sloppy.

All it is, is a simple strip of very durable fabric with two button-holes spaced according to industry standards, making it compatible with all dress-shirts. It is worn by sliding it through the loop at the back of the wide end of the tie and buttoned on to the shirt buttons at the level of the same loop. Simple and unnoticeable TheTieThing will keep you looking polished and doing away with the nuisance that comes with a loose tie.

It really is an indispensable accessory for the tie-wearing guy. Available at KIR ROYAL in white and sky blue (the most common choices for shirts) though colour is ultimately irrelevant, as the strip will not be visible from behind the tie.