About Us

KIR ROYAL is an independent family-run boutique offering only unique, quality creations for discerning gentlemen. It has even been recommended by The New York Times, among others.

A guarantee of quality & true exclusivity

Our merchandise is crafted the artisan way, meaning that the intention is not to produce as much as possible of any one item but to produce quality goods in a reasonable amount. We pride ourselves for having a reputation for stocking not only items featuring a unique design but also handmade, quality goods, that last a long time.

In addition, we work with small brands, whose products are only available in limited quantities. As for our own brand of accessories, which are made entirely in-house, most of our designs are one-offs. How is that for exclusivity?

Where do we source our merchandise from?

When choosing our merchandise, we focus on timeless elegance, craftsmanship, and original design. Most of our items are handmade in Italy. Among the brands we stock are Karl Mommoo, Takeshy Kurosawa, EXI-BIT, and Zeus Bologna.

In July 2017, we also launched our own brand of men’s accessories – KIR ROYAL. Designed and crafted in-house, each piece is handmade. Custom-made pieces can also be made upon request.

Personalised service

Our commitment to guaranteeing the best possible shopping experience for our customers, whether at our Valletta boutique or online,  means that we will do our utmost to accommodate any specific requirements. That includes opening outside the normal business hours. Whatever your requirements, we will be happy to assist you.