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Mastering the short trousers trend

Short trousers, that not only expose the ankle but also a big part of the shin have become a favourite with those Maltese men, who want to look on trend. Although we’re definitely a fan of the look, admittedly, it’s a hard one to pull off, especially if you’re short, stocky, or both.  Yet, you needn’t roll down the turn-ups just yet. Here’s how to wear short trousers regardless of your height or size.

The secret to mastering a look is to first understand its impact on your silhouette. Does it affect how tall or short you look? Does it emphasise certain parts or features of your body? Our legs appear longer or shorter, depending on the length and width of the trousers worn. This in turn affects how tall or short we look, as well as how slim or wide.

A shorter trouser leg will inevitably make one’s legs appear shorter, which on a taller man can help to minimise the difference in size between the upper and lower body halves, effectively rendering the silhouette more balanced.

However, shorter men cannot afford to have their legs appear shorter, which is why the short trousers look often ends up looking far from flattering. Here, the aim should be to counter the effect of visually shorter legs and consequently, appearing shorter. Limiting your choice of short trousers to those that reach not higher than just above the ankle is a good starting point.

Second, you want to avoid tops and bottoms in contrasting colours as these will visually divide your silhouette into two small halves, when what you need is one long silhouette. For this, nothing beats monochrome outfits but similar colours can also work well while also rendering an outfit more interesting.

Your choice of shoes can also affect how short or tall your legs appear. For best results, opt for shoes in a neutral tone – nothing too bulky nor too fancy. Ultimately, you want to keep the focus on your upper body, namely your face.

Another undesired consequence of shorter trousers is that they emphasise width, making legs appear wider. This is actually a good thing for men with skinny or slender legs but not so flattering on those with muscular or chunky legs. A skinny fit is a ‘no-go’ here but neither is a loose fit. The best option are slim fit trousers which leave enough room not to be too revealing of size and shape but not wide enough to further cut off from the needed visual height.

Final note

Trends can help a man keep his look fresh and stylish but need to be adapted to one’s physique rather than simply copied. With short trousers, the trick is to minimise the reduction in visual height and avoid one’s legs from appearing too stocky.


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Spring – Summer 2016 men’s fashion trends

Whether you look out for trends to keep your style looking fresh and up-to-date, or simply for inspiration, here’s a round-up of this season’s main trends and how to wear them in the most flattering way possible.

Cuban collar shirts

When you don’t want to wear your shirt’s collar fastened, a Cuban collar shirt is an alternative worth considering. Unlike certain shirt collars that just spread out in a floppy way when undone, this collar sits neatly along the neckline. My preference would be for a shirt in a slightly loose fit with short sleeves rolled above mid-biceps and in a soft, breathable fabric. 


vuitton - collar

vuitton - loose shirt

Wide trousers

With or without pleats and rolled up, exposing the ankle. These would make a great match with Cuban collar shirts, though any casual shirt will do. Crucial for wearing these well is to avoid figure-hugging shirts/tops (unless you want to balance very broad shoulders). I would also recommend wearing looser trousers with shirts that are worn tucked in as the added width resulting from a loose fit will create the illusion of a shorter silhouette.

giorgio-armani-ss-2016-look-022 (wide trousers)
White trousers

Linen pairs are a summer staple in many a Maltese man’s wardrobe but this season it’s denim and chinos that featured on the catwalk. White is a colour that can be combined with most other colours but for a fresher look, I would combine these with a shirt/top in light and neutral tones, which make the best pairing with tanned skin. 




Short shorts

Covering little of the thigh and in a loose fit, at this length, they’re best worn with a shirt that’s tucked in and by men with well-groomed, toned legs. Ideal for short men.





Not every man’s favourite colour but varying in brightness and depth, there are plenty of tones to choose from. Also, since it’s not a colour commonly worn by men, including just one item in green can be enough to render an outfit unique.


Athletic and formal blend 

Reflecting the laid-back atmosphere that is typical of summer, a number of collections combined elements from sportswear with formal styles. The result is a look of relaxed elegance. The secret is to opt for pieces that are inspired by sports but are not actually sportswear e.g. a pair of suede trainers.


 Sandals and socks

Original or simply a desperate attempt to stand out? Whilst sweating can make sandals feel uncomfortable, I am not sure why one would wear sandals when it’s cool enough to wear socks. Nevertheless, it’s a look that keeps appearing on the catwalk. Those Germans were quite ahead after all. For this look, opt for leather sandals (only) and designer socks with an interesting pattern. You want it to look creative.

versace (wide leg + socks and sandals)_edited


A timeless bag that is also very comfortable to carry. Being summer, I would opt for a lightweight material and one in a neutral tone. A touch of leather can add a dash of style and luxury to a backpack.