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What to wear to a beach wedding

We are accustomed to weddings being a very formal affair. Yet, the beach is all about relaxing and having fun. So how do you put together an outfit that’s appropriately elegant for a wedding but not too dressed-up for the beach? Here are some key pieces to consider and what to wear them with.

Sport Coat

A sport coat makes an excellent choice for those events, where a suit is considered too formal. It’s a great piece to wear when you want to emphasise elegance without looking stiff or corporate. An unstructured sport coat (without padding and which doesn’t fit rigidly) will soften your look, maintaining its elegance but at the same time, giving a more laid-back appearance. For maximum comfort, opt for a sport coat that is either completely or at least partially unlined, as often, the lining traps heat.


Since a tie is not an option to consider here, opt for a light fabric shirt with a Mandarin collar, or even one that’s collarless. It will produce a neater look, as well as one that’s clearly in tune with the seaside ambiance.


If it’s too hot for a sport coat, an elegant waistcoat makes a great substitute. It’s not as dressy, so you want to dress it up a little so as not to end up looking too casual.


Start by opting for a waistcoat in a classic colour, such as beige or blue. Wear it with a light-coloured semi-formal shirt (traditional  stiff collar) and elegant trousers. Anything that’s too bright or fancy might tilt the balance towards the ‘casual’, so consider this when coordinating colours.


Shorts and jeans are too casual, even for the most relaxed of beach weddings. Sometimes, even chinos might look too dress-down for the occasion. Ideally, opt for trousers with slanting pockets, which give a more elegant touch than e.g. round pockets,  which are typically used for jeans and very casual trousers.


For that typical beachside look, consider rolling up your trouser-legs to ankle-level or slightly higher (if you’re on the tall side). However, this works best with slim-fitting trousers.


Being the beach, you don’t want anything that’s too polished. Not only will they most likely look out-of-place, they will also end up making a rather uncomfortable choice.


Consider a pair of moccasins instead. Not only are they super comfortable and elegant, they are also highly versatile. They look great with dressier outfits whilst also complementing casual outfits by taking them up a notch or two on the ‘elegance scale’.

Final word

The key to putting together a great outfit for a beach wedding is to aim for the right balance between elegance and laid-back. Of course some weddings might be more formal or relaxed than others but generally, your outfit should look elegant, light, and comfortable.  

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Seven Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s a workplace tradition that is intended to enhance the Christmas spirit among colleagues. Yet, what do you get someone you probably hardly know and on such a low budget? We’ve put together a list of items that are practical, cost less than €25.00, and obviously stylish – and they’re all available at Kir Royal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Open during Notte Bianca

Just when you thought Valletta couldn’t be any more enchanting, Notte Bianca simply takes it to another level.

If you plan on joining the thousands, who’ll be enjoying the magic of the night, why not pop by? We’ll be open from 19:00 to 22:30 and any purchases made can be delivered the next day or the day after for free – because we want you to enjoy the evening to the max!

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KIR ROYAL at the Artisan Market

Are you planning on visiting the Artisan Market at Fort St Elmo this Sunday? Then we look forward to welcoming you at our stall, where we will be showcasing our range of men’s accessories. This includes bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, lapel pins, and scarves.

It’s our first time as artisans at the market and as one can imagine, are very excited about it. So we hope to see you there on Sunday.

MAM FSE Poster-01-01

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What to wear to a Maltese wedding

Most foreigners’ first experience of a Maltese wedding is one of utter amazement. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined being a guest, at what often feels like a re-creation of a royal wedding. If the look on their face doesn’t give it away, their distinctively casual outfits are proof enough, of how unprepared they were for what was awaiting them. If only someone had told them before. That would have saved them the awkwardness and disapproving looks from the other guests.

You see, there is no such thing as a simple, relaxed Maltese wedding. Without the pomp, extravagance, and a dose of kitsch to make things more eclectic, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Regardless of whether it’s a classical or a beach wedding, it’ll always be a grand affair for which, every guest is expected to make the effort to look their very best. So if you’re wondering what you should be wearing to your first Maltese wedding, here are some of the wardrobe pieces to definitely consider.

IMG_4597 copy.jpg


To a classical wedding, as most weddings tend to be, most men will opt for a suit. If the invitation doesn’t specify a dress code, assume this will be the case. Timeless colours, such as navy, grey, and black are the most popular choices with beige being a summer favourite; because even if a heatwave is on, you’re still expected to wear a suit.

IMG_4717 copy

Sport Coat

For a more intimate wedding, a slightly less conservative outfit but which is still elegant, makes a more appropriate choice. Here, consider a sport coat without elbow patches, as your alternative to a suit. Whilst one can never go wrong with classic colours, a fancy sport coat can make it easier to add a bolder colour or pattern to an outfit, without making too much of a style statement, as long as the other outfit pieces are in neutral tones.



Although not most men’s preferred choice, a waistcoat is ideal for a vintage-themed wedding, or when it’s just too warm. Being less formal than a jacket, make sure the waistcoat doesn’t have any patch pockets or fit too loosely. These, as well as a fabric texture that isn’t smooth, make a waistcoat look more casual than elegant. To keep your outfit looking dressy, opt for a waistcoat in the same colour as the trousers.

IMG_4613 copy


It is the norm for men to wear a tie or bow tie, especially when wearing a suit. Bow ties are the preferred choice for men, whose style is less conservative. If opting for a waistcoat instead of a jacket, a tie or bow tie is highly recommended, as they compensate for the more casual look, that is the result of the absence of a jacket. However, for less formal summer weddings and if wearing a jacket, it is not uncommon for men to do away with the tie/bow tie. In that case, a pocket square and lapel pin will complete your outfit, adding a touch of sophistication, as well as personal style.

Final Word

Whilst there are no strict rules as to what to wear, and it is becoming more common to come across different outfit styles at weddings, there are nevertheless, lines that should never be crossed. That includes anything that results in an outfit looking too casual. T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and sports shoes are the kind of clothing you will never see worn at a Maltese wedding, for doing so, might cause offence. Remember, you are less likely to be overdressed than underdressed, because the latter is always frowned upon, so no one wants to take the risk.

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Seven things to consider wearing to a vintage-style wedding

Up to a few years back, wedding attire for men was pretty straightforward. No mention of a dress code was ever made in the invitations and every man considered the suit and tie formula the only one appropriate. Nowadays, it is not unusual for wedding invitations to include a dress code, which reflects the general style or theme of the wedding.

At the moment, vintage is the hottest trend and although vintage can refer to any style from the 1920s to the nineties, unless the era is specifically indicated, locally, ‘vintage’ usually refers to styles that were dominant from the thirties to the forties. So, if that’s what the dress code on the invitation says, here are the pieces you definitely want to consider including in your outfit.

Boutonnières once symbolised an elegant lifestyle and grace but nowadays, merely serve to distinguish the groom and his party from the rest. Being mostly a thing of the past makes this the ideal vintage-style accessory. You needn’t outshine the grooms men though. Choose one that’s relatively small, and in a colour that ties in with the rest of the outfit.
Bow Ties
Bow ties are a popular choice for weddings. If you’re after a look from the 1940s/50s consider one that is self-tie and patterned, especially if the other pieces you’re wearing are in a solid colour. On the other hand, for a seventies or eighties-inspired look, opt for a larger and pre-tied model in a satin finish.
Braces are the perfect accessory for vintage-style outfits, especially when combined with a bow tie. For a more subtle and formal look, opt for a minimalist pair in your suit’s colour. On the other hand, if you’re after a more playful look, go for contrast, especially if it’s a laid-back wedding and a jacket is not required, in which case, the braces could be your centre-piece.
Associated with the British aristocracy, brogues combine an element of tradition with drama. They are the go-to style for a dressy, elegant look that is neither too formal nor corporate.
Classical patterns
Polka dots, paisley, and plaid are some of the patterns associated with vintage styles. You could opt for such patterns in most of the pieces mentioned here. This will accentuate the style you’re after. Alternatively, if you’re not too keen on experimenting with accessories and pieces you don’t usually wear, there’s always the option of including such patterns through your choice of jacket, shirt, tie, or maybe just a pocket square.
Hats are a stylish but also practical option, especially for a morning wedding during the warmer months. Expect to stand out from the rest of the crowd, so make sure to opt for a quality hat in excellent condition.
A key piece for any vintage-style outfit, waistcoats can add colour and contrast to a besuited look or in the case of a summer wedding, serve as a substitute for a jacket. Add a pocket watch for the ultimate vintage look.

Final note

Remember that your aim shouldn’t be to replicate a vintage-style outfit, in a way that renders it fancy-dress. Include one or two of the pieces listed above, or even just a pattern – enough to make the outfit suggestive of the fashion of the time but still ultimately, modern.

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Meeting the parents – choosing an appropriate outfit

You’ve been dating your significant other for a while now and it’s been going rather well – so well, that it’s time for you to be introduced to the family. An important and necessary milestone but hardly one you’re looking forward to. Whether they’ll go easy on you or not will depend a lot on the first impression you make. That’s where your appearance comes in. Those first few seconds of your encounter will set the tone for the rest of the evening, which is why you need to put in a bit of effort to nail the look.

True, it’s hard to know what the right formula is till the actual meeting but asking your significant other for help can set you in the right direction. Ask what sort of evening the parents are planning and whether they’re the formal or easy-going type. Will it be Chateaubriand paired with a vintage red and classical music in the background or imqarrun il-forn with whatever wine happens to be available, and a local TV drama for entertainment?

Knowing in advance will help you turn up appropriately dressed – neither too casual as to leave the parents thinking you didn’t make enough of an effort, nor overdressed as to make them feel somewhat uncomfortable. The key is to select an outfit that’s appropriate whilst remaining true to your style. Ultimately, the point is to bring out the best of you.

The classical look 

This is about combining traditional pieces with a modern twist. The aim is not to dress the same as the father but in a style he can associate with. Navy is a great colour to go for. It’s timeless, always an elegant option, and can easily be combined with a classical colour.

In the outfit above, conservative elements (khaki and tartan) are mixed with more playful ones (spots and denim) for a look, that I think is fresh and sophisticated. Notice how only a small part of the shirt is exposed. However, being the strongest among the outfit’s colours, the contrast with the outer layers draws the eye towards it and consequently, the face. 

The casual look

General tips

Make sure to be properly groomed. Untidy hair and/or beard, as well as bad odours will give the impression you’re the messy type. On the other hand, don’t overdo it with cologne. One of the parents might be allergic to the scent.

As always, modesty is key. It’s a virtue parents value – even in men. Tank-tops, vests, and one too many shirt front-buttons undone will reveal too much, making you come across as the type who’s too full of himself. Tattoos are best left concealed till you’re sure the parents like you. Jewellery can be a good ice-breaker but limit yourself to one piece, in addition to your watch.

Final word

You’re safest sticking to a formula that’s a combination of timeless basics with modern touches and a hint of your personality. Beware not to focus so much on your appearance as to forget to get the hosts a gift.

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Valentine’s dinner outfit

The table is booked, the gift wrapped, and the roses are in water to keep fresh. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. This year, you’ve given it your best shot to make it a special evening, lest you’re again accused of never being romantic. You seem to have everything sorted and yet, one thing you haven’t given much thought about is your outfit. No matter how long you’ve been together, looking dapper always makes an impact but on Valentine’s Day, going the extra mile makes it feel like a truly special occasion. To make it easier, here are a few things to consider.

Aim for elegance

If it’s to feel like an evening like no other, dress up. Even if the restaurant you booked isn’t the fanciest, take your look up a notch. A sport coat is the ideal piece for injecting a dose of elegance into any outfit whilst keeping it true to your style. Wear it with dressy trousers and a shirt, or a T-Shirt and jeans, whichever style you’re most comfortable with.

Mud-coloured jacket and white shirt
Navy kacket and plum colour shirt

Wear something new

Just shopping for a new outfit or even one piece of clothing for a particular event, can add a sense of excitement, the kind you’d feel when looking forward to that event. Wearing something new will also give you a fresher look – a great plus, especially if you haven’t bought anything new in ages. Your new outfit/item is also unlikely to go unnoticed, especially if you’re not the one in charge of the laundry and will be interpreted as enthusiasm, which can only be appreciated. 

Keep up-to-date with grooming

Make sure to fix an appointment at your barber’s for a haircut, beard trim, and whatever needs to be done in time for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s winter and you’re practically always covered up, you should ideally also get rid of any excess body hair. You might also want to keep down there looking its best, you know, in case you’re rewarded for your troubles.

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Choosing an outfit for the Christmas staff party

Nothing contributes to team-building as much as the Christmas staff party. The amount of gossip it generates, ensures the coffee-area is busy with co-workers socialising, for days after the party. Make sure you’re not the one they’re talking about by, among other things, turning up in an appropriate outfit.

Choosing an outfit for the Christmas staff party can be particularly challenging, especially if it’s your first since joining the company or if your job entails wearing a uniform. It’s when colleagues and management get to see and interact with you in circumstances that are different to the usual.

Being off-duty, one takes it for granted that the workplace dress code doesn’t apply and since it’s a party, one wants to look his best, especially if the new Nordic intern will be there. Yet, a staff party isn’t really a party. It’s a professional event.

With management present and watching, in addition to the competitive colleague in search of an advantage, staff parties are very much an extension of the work place. The only difference is that the atmosphere is more relaxed and there’s no work to be done. In short, even if it’s a party, you still want to look and act in a way which doesn’t undermine your reputation. 

With that in mind, choosing an outfit for the Christmas staff party becomes a little easier – just go for what you usually wear to work but adapting the style in a way that makes it less work-like and more party appropriate. If your usual work attire is corporate, you’d want to tone it down a little, such as, with a sport coat, plain shirt, and chinos. If very casual clothing or sports gear is what you wear to work, you could dress up for a more elegant look. However, you definitely don’t want to look overdressed as to make it seem as though you’re really trying hard, or it’s the most important event in your calendar.


IMG_4526 copy


IMG_4455 copy


 As with every event, the venue is always something to keep in mind. How casual or formal your outfit should also depend on the setting. Ignoring this can result in an outfit that makes you look out-of-place, such as turning up too smartly dressed for an afternoon of bowling. After all, a professional look doesn’t always require an executive outfit. 

That said, certain things which might be considered inappropriate for the workplace, such as piercing, tattoos, very trendy hairstyles, bright colours, and/or supposedly witty prints are also inappropriate for a staff party, regardless of how casual the venue. Anything that could lead to an unfavourable impression with colleagues and most of all, superiors is best avoided. 

Ultimately, staff parties give all a chance to interact with one another in an environment and atmosphere, free from the pressure of work. Your outfit should neither seek to make a statement of personal style, nor attract any undue attention. On the contrary, it should help you feel confident and comfortable to engage with colleagues and superiors in a pleasant and meaningful way.

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Why the host’s outfit makes a difference

It’s Saturday evening and your guests should be over in a few minutes. The table is set, candles lit, the meat is coming along nicely, and the wine is breathing. All seems perfect – as you intended it to be – till you see what you’re wearing, and unlike everything else, it doesn’t look very elegant. When entertaining, we often go to great lengths to impress, forgetting that how we present ourselves to guests is as much part of the package as the food, the wine, and the setting.

Just like the staff that greets diners at a restaurant, the host’s appearance (and welcome) is what guests form their first impression of how formal or casual, sophisticated or simple, their experience is likely to be. Therefore, the host’s outfit should set the tone for the rest of the evening. If it’s fine dining in an elegant setting that you’re after, you wouldn’t want to serve your guests in a tracksuit. Likewise, if you dress too smartly for an evening of pizza served in paper plates, you’ll either look overdressed or the food too simple. In short, a host’s outfit should complement the setting without ever looking too casually dressed for hosting guests nor overdressed for dinner at home.

Ultimately, how casual or elegant you choose to dress should depend a lot on how special the occasion is and how familiar you are with your guests. Generally, especially when it’s cooler, nothing beats a shirt and trousers combination. A patterned shirt and jeans or chinos will give a more relaxed look, whereas for a more refined appearance, opt for a shirt in a solid colour and dressier trousers. In summer, consider swapping the shirt with a polo-shirt.

Comfort and practicality are two other factors that one needs to consider. Anything that distracts you while cooking and serving is best avoided. You need to feel free to move around, bend down, or stretch to reach the pan stored on the top shelf, without having to keep tucking your shirt. You also need to feel free of anything that is extra and that keeps getting in the way, e.g. the scarf whose edges you have to keep pulling out of the plates. Of course, darker colours will minimise the risk of stains, making them a more practical choice in the kitchen.

For outfit suggestions that range from casual to dressy, check out our Pinterest board here.

Finally, for the sake of politeness, your guests should have an indication as to what kind of event they are being invited to. Will it be a casual meal among friends, or one that’s a little more formal? Feeling inappropriately dressed, especially among people you barely know, is an embarrassment that can start the evening off on the wrong foot.