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New product – collar & trousers extenders

There’s this particular shirt you own that fits right everywhere except the collar, which is just a little tight – not too tight but still uncomfortable. You don’t want to throw it away but you know you’ll only wear it as a last resort – which is never. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a solution for that – and it’s available at KIR ROYAL.

Our COCHIC collar extenders allow you to increase the size of your shirt collars by up to 2 cm. Simply attach the elastic loop to the collar button and slide the extender’s button into the collar’s buttonhole. Small, yet effective and it’ll save you from having to endure the discomfort of a tight collar without being noticeable. By the way, they are also guaranteed to last longer than your shirt.

Priced at €8.90, each pack contains two pieces, one with a black elastic loop, the other white.


Also available are trousers extenders that have the same function as collar extenders. So if you’re struggling to button up your trousers, probably because they shrunk in the washing (why else?), here’s the solution. 

At €7.50, each pack contains one piece in black.


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Seven Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s a workplace tradition that is intended to enhance the Christmas spirit among colleagues. Yet, what do you get someone you probably hardly know and on such a low budget? We’ve put together a list of items that are practical, cost less than €25.00, and obviously stylish – and they’re all available at Kir Royal.

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Butterfly vs. Diamond shape Bow Ties

We’ve recently launched our own brand of men’s accessories, which includes bow ties in both the butterfly, as well as the diamond shapes. If you’re a bow tie aficionado, you’d definitely be aware of the difference between the two shapes and most likely, also have your preference towards one or the other. In this post, we compare the two bow tie shapes, also looking at the face shapes they suit best.

2017-10-10 16.51.15The butterfly shape

This is the shape most bow ties on the market, especially pre-tied, come in. Consequently, it is what is often considered as the ‘standard’ bow tie shape, with anything else being merely ‘unusual’.

Therefore, a butterfly-shaped bow tie makes for a safe choice, ideal for the man, who is just starting out with wearing bow ties, or one who doesn’t want to make a bold statement. Consider it as the ‘classic’ of bow tie shapes, fitting in perfectly with a timeless look, though of course, bolder colours and designs can still give a bow tie a distinctly modern look.

In addition to style, consider also how well or not, a bow tie shape compliments one’s face shape. Butterfly-shaped bow ties should be the preferred choice for men with square-shaped faces, although these also suit men with oval or rectangular faces.

2017-10-10 16.42.20The diamond shape

Although far less popular than the butterfly shape, it is nonetheless gaining popularity, especially among men, who already own a decent bow tie collection, and who are after a less ‘mainstream’ option. Of course, being the less conventional among the two shapes, it takes some confidence to pull it off.

Compared to the butterfly shape, diamond-shaped bow ties are less symmetrical, resulting in a more playful look. It’s really what we love most about this shape, in that it reflects the fun and the quirky elements associated with wearing a bow tie. Consequently, it makes a great choice for those occasions that allow more freedom to be that bit more adventurous with one’s style, which, if wearing a bow tie in the first place, is often the case.

In addition, in as far as face shapes are concerned, diamond-shaped bow ties make the best option for men with round or triangular faces and also suit oval and rectangular faces.

Final word

So which one will it be, the butterfly or the diamond shape?

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KIR ROYAL at the Artisan Market

Are you planning on visiting the Artisan Market at Fort St Elmo this Sunday? Then we look forward to welcoming you at our stall, where we will be showcasing our range of men’s accessories. This includes bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, lapel pins, and scarves.

It’s our first time as artisans at the market and as one can imagine, are very excited about it. So we hope to see you there on Sunday.

MAM FSE Poster-01-01

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Last three swimming trunks in stock

Our funky range of swimming trunks from the Swedish brand OAS Company have proven very popular. We’ve got three pieces left in stock in large sizes. These loose fitting trunks are ideal for bigger men or those who prefer a classical fit.

Priced at €65.00 which includes free delivery, should you not have the time to visit our shop. Contact us via Facebook, phone (9949 9909), or email at to place your order.

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Introducing Maians – shoes handcrafted in Spain

A few years back, while wandering around the old streets of Barcelona, I came across a little shoe shop whose quirky and comfy looking designs I found fascinating. Needless to say, I ended up getting myself a pair. Considering how often I wore them and how long they lasted, they’re probably the best pair of shoes I ever owned. Little did I know back then that I’d be stocking the brand in my shop.

Maians is a brand whose style is very much inspired by Barcelona’s distinctive urban yet laid-back character, resulting in a design that’s casual but definitely chic. In addition, its use of soles, that are made from vulcanised rubber, render their footwear not only stylish but extremely comfortable – something I can vouch for. 

Moreover, each pair is completely handcrafted in Spain by a select group of shoemakers, using only regionally-sourced materials, and by means of a traditional manufacturing process. These shoes are not only beautiful, they’re also a reflection of the rich shoe-making heritage the Spaniards are known for.

Available at KIR ROYAL is the Sisto Combi model (picture), in sizes 40 – 45, and priced at €75.00. Only one pair per size is stocked.