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New product – collar & trousers extenders

There’s this particular shirt you own that fits right everywhere except the collar, which is just a little tight – not too tight but still uncomfortable. You don’t want to throw it away but you know you’ll only wear it as a last resort – which is never. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a solution for that – and it’s available at KIR ROYAL.

Our COCHIC collar extenders allow you to increase the size of your shirt collars by up to 2 cm. Simply attach the elastic loop to the collar button and slide the extender’s button into the collar’s buttonhole. Small, yet effective and it’ll save you from having to endure the discomfort of a tight collar without being noticeable. By the way, they are also guaranteed to last longer than your shirt.

Priced at €8.90, each pack contains two pieces, one with a black elastic loop, the other white.


Also available are trousers extenders that have the same function as collar extenders. So if you’re struggling to button up your trousers, probably because they shrunk in the washing (why else?), here’s the solution. 

At €7.50, each pack contains one piece in black.


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