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The black polo neck

Da Vinci once said: ‘simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ – and probably, no other menswear piece is as good an example of that, as the black polo neck.

On a par with the plain white shirt, or navy trousers, the black polo neck is a highly versatile classic that comes in handy when you’re at a loss, as to what to wear. It can complement just about any other winter piece in your wardrobe, from a suit to a pair of jeans. Dress it up or down, as required, whatever the occasion, it’s bound to be a safe choice.

Often, polo necks in a lighter knit will result in a more elegant look. The lack of volume, especially around the neck makes less of a statement, resulting in a more streamlined look.

A slim fit will accentuate the body, making it an ideal choice for men with a slender or toned physique. Bigger men will look better in a polo neck that has a chunkier collar and is not tight enough to be too revealing of one’s contours. The added width of the collar will also help minimise a wider face, which a polo neck inevitably emphasises.

In the case of men with a larger belly or wide hips, polo necks are best worn as part of a layered outfit, e.g. under a sport coat. This will visually widen the shoulders, balancing out the width of the hip area or belly.

Final word

When wearing a polo neck, aim to keep a small part of the neck – just below the chin – exposed. This will avoid your head from appearing as though it’s floating. It’s also a more flattering look for men with short necks, or who are rather lacking in height.

Also, one of the biggest concerns most men have about wearing polo necks is that the collar can feel too restrictive. Going for a soft and breathable fabric, as well as a collar that’s not tight, is crucial for ensuring optimal comfort. Finally, a polo neck in a heavy fabric might keep you comfortable when outside in the cold but once indoors, it’ll be too hot.

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