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The basics of wearing flower lapel pins

Whereas lapel pins are nowadays mainly worn as an indication of one’s affiliation with a certain organisation, flower lapel pins are purely decorative and are worn to add a playful tone to an outfit. Being an unconventional choice, they also give a very unique touch, and for those seeking a vintage-inspired look, flower lapel pins are just the perfect accent.

Needless to say, wearing one is unlikely to go unnoticed. So, when including a flower lapel pin in your outfit, here’s what you need to know to make sure it never looks like an inappropriate choice.

Lapel pins should always be worn on the left lapel, between your bow tie (or neck tie knot) and pocket square. You’ll often find a buttonhole sewn just below the lapel point. This is where the lapel pin should be worn.

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Take this part of the lapel – the width, to be more precise – as your guide to choosing a flower lapel pin in the right size for you. No lapel pin should ever be as wide as that part of the lapel for otherwise, it’ll look too prominent. Generally, especially if worn with a pocket square and bow tie/neck tie, it is safer to opt for smaller and minimalist lapel pins, so as to avoid having too much going on.

As for the colour of your lapel pin, this should tie in with your other accessories. Because it’s worn between the bow tie/neck tie and pocket square, a flower lapel pin can serve as a bridge

between the two. Its colour should never be identical to that of any of the other two accessories but part of the same colour scheme, in a way that links the two. For a more harmonious look, it is generally best to avoid more than one accessory in a particularly bright or modern colour.

Moreover, a flower lapel pin need not be worn with a bow tie/neck tie but the absence of a pocket square will leave the outfit looking incomplete. Why go the extra mile when you haven’t even got your basics? If the two together result in a look that seems too flamboyant, tone it down by wearing your pocket square in a simple fold, such as the basic square fold.

Finally, when matching a flower lapel pin to an outfit, always keep the event you’re attending in mind. If it’s a professional event in a corporate environment, a smaller pin in a colour similar to the jacket’s will make a better choice. On the other hand, for social events, one is more at liberty to mix and match, obviously depending on the crowd present. Here, a flower lapel pin is also likely to serve as a good ice-breaker.

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