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Seven things to consider wearing to a vintage-style wedding

Up to a few years back, wedding attire for men was pretty straightforward. No mention of a dress code was ever made in the invitations and every man considered the suit and tie formula the only one appropriate. Nowadays, it is not unusual for wedding invitations to include a dress code, which reflects the general style or theme of the wedding.

At the moment, vintage is the hottest trend and although vintage can refer to any style from the 1920s to the nineties, unless the era is specifically indicated, locally, ‘vintage’ usually refers to styles that were dominant from the thirties to the forties. So, if that’s what the dress code on the invitation says, here are the pieces you definitely want to consider including in your outfit.

Boutonnières once symbolised an elegant lifestyle and grace but nowadays, merely serve to distinguish the groom and his party from the rest. Being mostly a thing of the past makes this the ideal vintage-style accessory. You needn’t outshine the grooms men though. Choose one that’s relatively small, and in a colour that ties in with the rest of the outfit.
Bow Ties
Bow ties are a popular choice for weddings. If you’re after a look from the 1940s/50s consider one that is self-tie and patterned, especially if the other pieces you’re wearing are in a solid colour. On the other hand, for a seventies or eighties-inspired look, opt for a larger and pre-tied model in a satin finish.
Braces are the perfect accessory for vintage-style outfits, especially when combined with a bow tie. For a more subtle and formal look, opt for a minimalist pair in your suit’s colour. On the other hand, if you’re after a more playful look, go for contrast, especially if it’s a laid-back wedding and a jacket is not required, in which case, the braces could be your centre-piece.
Associated with the British aristocracy, brogues combine an element of tradition with drama. They are the go-to style for a dressy, elegant look that is neither too formal nor corporate.
Classical patterns
Polka dots, paisley, and plaid are some of the patterns associated with vintage styles. You could opt for such patterns in most of the pieces mentioned here. This will accentuate the style you’re after. Alternatively, if you’re not too keen on experimenting with accessories and pieces you don’t usually wear, there’s always the option of including such patterns through your choice of jacket, shirt, tie, or maybe just a pocket square.
Hats are a stylish but also practical option, especially for a morning wedding during the warmer months. Expect to stand out from the rest of the crowd, so make sure to opt for a quality hat in excellent condition.
A key piece for any vintage-style outfit, waistcoats can add colour and contrast to a besuited look or in the case of a summer wedding, serve as a substitute for a jacket. Add a pocket watch for the ultimate vintage look.

Final note

Remember that your aim shouldn’t be to replicate a vintage-style outfit, in a way that renders it fancy-dress. Include one or two of the pieces listed above, or even just a pattern – enough to make the outfit suggestive of the fashion of the time but still ultimately, modern.

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