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Surviving Monday mornings

It’s early morning and you’re woken up by the dreadful alarm tune signalling the start of another crazy, busy week. The weekend went by too quickly and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it till Friday.

Monday mornings are never easy but particularly tough when the weekend wasn’t as relaxing as it should have been. How will it be possible, during the next five days, to find the time to regain your energy? Like finding a clean desk on Monday morning, starting the week feeling re-energised and relaxed is the best way of helping yourself keep focused and handle the challenges – some big, some trivial – that are part of everyday life.

With so much on the to-do-list, self-maintenance is typically the last thing we make time for and yet, it’s so crucial for keeping a positive attitude. Finding time for your own well-being should be a priority. 

Ideally, plan your Sunday in a way that allows you some time to yourself, with catching up on lost sleep being a priority. In addition, help your skin recover its healthy look by giving it some TLC. Radiant skin is associated with health and youth but most importantly, looking good helps us feel more confident.

Give your mind a break by avoiding, at least on Sunday evening, work-related conversations and thoughts. Focus on relaxing instead. That way you’ll enjoy the weekend till the very end and will also help you sleep better, as will a light and healthy meal. 

Finally, in order to avoid the stress and panic of trying to get to work on time, try to get as organised in advance as possible (e.g. ironing your work-outfit, packing your bag, etc.) leaving only the essential tasks for the morning. With less to do in the morning, you might even afford a few more minutes of sleep. 

Have a great week!

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