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Introducing Maians – shoes handcrafted in Spain

A few years back, while wandering around the old streets of Barcelona, I came across a little shoe shop whose quirky and comfy looking designs I found fascinating. Needless to say, I ended up getting myself a pair. Considering how often I wore them and how long they lasted, they’re probably the best pair of shoes I ever owned. Little did I know back then that I’d be stocking the brand in my shop.

Maians is a brand whose style is very much inspired by Barcelona’s distinctive urban yet laid-back character, resulting in a design that’s casual but definitely chic. In addition, its use of soles, that are made from vulcanised rubber, render their footwear not only stylish but extremely comfortable – something I can vouch for. 

Moreover, each pair is completely handcrafted in Spain by a select group of shoemakers, using only regionally-sourced materials, and by means of a traditional manufacturing process. These shoes are not only beautiful, they’re also a reflection of the rich shoe-making heritage the Spaniards are known for.

Available at KIR ROYAL is the Sisto Combi model (picture), in sizes 40 – 45, and priced at €75.00. Only one pair per size is stocked.

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