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Valentine’s dinner outfit

The table is booked, the gift wrapped, and the roses are in water to keep fresh. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. This year, you’ve given it your best shot to make it a special evening, lest you’re again accused of never being romantic. You seem to have everything sorted and yet, one thing you haven’t given much thought about is your outfit. No matter how long you’ve been together, looking dapper always makes an impact but on Valentine’s Day, going the extra mile makes it feel like a truly special occasion. To make it easier, here are a few things to consider.

Aim for elegance

If it’s to feel like an evening like no other, dress up. Even if the restaurant you booked isn’t the fanciest, take your look up a notch. A sport coat is the ideal piece for injecting a dose of elegance into any outfit whilst keeping it true to your style. Wear it with dressy trousers and a shirt, or a T-Shirt and jeans, whichever style you’re most comfortable with.

Mud-coloured jacket and white shirt
Navy kacket and plum colour shirt

Wear something new

Just shopping for a new outfit or even one piece of clothing for a particular event, can add a sense of excitement, the kind you’d feel when looking forward to that event. Wearing something new will also give you a fresher look – a great plus, especially if you haven’t bought anything new in ages. Your new outfit/item is also unlikely to go unnoticed, especially if you’re not the one in charge of the laundry and will be interpreted as enthusiasm, which can only be appreciated. 

Keep up-to-date with grooming

Make sure to fix an appointment at your barber’s for a haircut, beard trim, and whatever needs to be done in time for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s winter and you’re practically always covered up, you should ideally also get rid of any excess body hair. You might also want to keep down there looking its best, you know, in case you’re rewarded for your troubles.

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