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What not to get a man for Christmas

It’s the thought that counts, said no one happy with their gift. Christmas is a time for giving but many gifts will fail to please those receiving them. Here’s a list of things to avoid giving any man this Christmas (or any other occasion).

Pens, calendars, and diaries

Whoever still uses these probably already has one too many. They make an impersonal gift that reflects a lack of knowledge about and/or interest in what a man really likes or needs. 

Ties and aftershave 

Of course, after pens, what else do you give a man? Unless you’re sure a man regularly wears ties and actually shaves his beard himself, it’s best to opt for a scarf or quality moisturiser.


Yes it’s practical and one can never have enough but underwear is only ever appreciated as a gift when intended as a means to something that requires it be taken off, rather than an end in itself.6

Personal artwork/knitwear/crafts 

So you got yourself a new hobby but wait till you’ve really mastered the craft before expecting others to be happy to display or wear your work.

Anti-ageing, skin rejuvenating, blemish removing skincare/facials

So a man is getting old. Why dampen his Christmas spirit by pointing it out – even if subtly.

Final word 

How many of these will you be getting this year? Any other items you think should be included in the list?

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