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Five ways to easily upgrade your look

Deep down, we all want to look our best. Whilst to some, looking impeccably dressed seems to require little effort, many just don’t know where to start. No matter how hard they try, nothing seems to work, till in the end they just give up on looking good altogether. Truth be told, an aptitude for style and an eye for detail do make dressing well a lot easier but one doesn’t have to be a style guru to look good. Here are five ways of quickly upgrading your look that are easy to follow.

Clean up your wardrobe regularly 

Taking stock of the contents of your wardrobe will help you keep track of which pieces are still usable and which need to be replaced. How many of the shirts, trousers, etc. you own fit you well, are still in a good condition, or still fashionable? Knowing how many and which pieces you can actually still wear makes it easier to keep one’s wardrobe updated with the latest styles and more importantly, the right size.

Neutral colours make combining colours easier

Combining colours successfully is many a men’s Achilles’ heel, which is why focusing on neutral and classical colours is a safe option. Navy, grey, and brown trousers, white and blue shirts, and a camel or navy jacket are pieces which can all be combined together to give multiple possibilities. They also serve as a good basis on which to gradually extend your wardrobe’s palette.

Keep your outfit’s style coherent

Although mixing pieces from different and contrasting styles is on trend, such as wearing athletic shoes with a formal suit, mixing and matching requires confidence and an eye for style. Rather than risk an outfit that looks mismatched, stick to the same style throughout. When putting together an ensemble, combine pieces that are similarly casual or formal – it keeps the look together.

Give shoes as much importance as the rest of your outfit

In addition to being clean and elegant, your shoes should always tie in with your trousers, be it in terms of colour, style, and shape. That is the only way shoes will complete an outfit and keep your silhouette looking balanced. Take a look in the mirror and check how your shoes make your feet look, compared to your legs. Are the trousers too wide for those pointed shoes? Are the shoes too bulky for your slim-fitting trousers? Do the mismatching colours make your legs look shorter?

Stick to a grooming routine

Looking clean and fresh not only makes you feel good about yourself but also more approachable to others. When life gets hectic, it’s usually personal maintenance that gets knocked down to the bottom of the list of priorities. Maintaining a fixed routine makes it easier to find time for a haircut, a nose wax, or even a facial.

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