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What to wear to a party

You’re at a party and it’s turning out to be quite a good one too. The company is fun, the food is surprisingly tasty, and the wine is, well, it’s free. You’re happy you’re enjoying yourself, for there are many things that can ruin a party for us. Our choice of outfit is one of them, especially when we overlook two important factors – convenience and comfort. Below are three tips I consider essential for choosing an outfit for a party, that won’t stop you from having a great time.

Avoid worrying about getting your clothes stained

The combination of food, drink, and a jolly group of people is as perfect for staining clothes as that of spaghetti and sauce placed in front of a toddler. People elbowing their way through the crowd, ingredients falling off canapés, wobbly tables, and the occasional first-time waiter – getting one’s clothes stained at parties is pretty much unavoidable. So many ties and white shirts have I had to part with because of spilt wine, sauce, and mysterious stains from unidentifiable sources. No matter how careful I am, they still get stained.

Clearly, white and light colours in general are not the best choice for parties. Stains show far less on dark colours and when they do, are much easier to remove, especially if you only notice them the day after. If wearing a suit and tie combination, a dark shirt is not a stylish alternative to a white one. However, a shirt in a very light shade of grey will keep you looking just as polished but is a little more stain-resistant. 

If dark colours are too sombre, lighten up the outfit with accessories (that are usually cheaper) in brighter colours.

Try to keep cool 

As the venue fills up with guests and after the second drink, it starts getting hot. Sometimes the heat can be quite unbearable. That’s when your clothes start clinging onto your sweat-drenched body. Light and breathable fabrics, as well as minimal layering are essential for maintaining a comfortable body-temperature in crowded places. Again, dark colours are ideal for parties because they do not reveal sweat patches as easily as e.g. pastel colours. 

In a country where summers are excruciatingly warm, a light-fabric suit is a must-have. The same goes for one’s choice of socks. When sandals are not an option, a light pair can make a world of a difference in minimising the heat felt – as does limiting one’s alcohol intake, by the way.

You can neither dance nor mingle in painful shoes

At a party, seating is usually very limited and for a valid reason too – people tend to socialise less when they have to make the effort of getting up from their chair. However, that means you’ll be spending quite a lot of time standing, probably far more than you’re used to. Having to walk back to the car after a party is always the hardest part of the evening – yes ladies, even without heels.

When your legs start to ache, the only thing on your mind is finding a seat or just heading home. Enjoy the party till the end by opting for a pair of comfortable shoes – still stylish, of course. Also, keep in mind that just as it’s easy to stain your clothes, it’s also very likely that someone will step on your toes at some point. Going to a party in suede or fabric shoes, or any light colour leather shoes might not be the best of ideas.

Final word

Being comfortable, as well as not having to worry about the inconveniences resulting from little accidents, helps to keep one focused on enjoying the party. These tips should make it easier to narrow down your choice of outfit in order to achieve just that. It is assumed the outfit style has already been determined, usually on the basis of the dress code indicated by the host/s. 

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