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Building a versatile wardrobe for the first year without a school uniform

What a relief it was to get rid of that dull, sad-looking school uniform. Those grey trousers, thick and heavy, you couldn’t wait to take off as soon as you got home and the blazer that was always too big at first and then too small but never quite your size. Having to no longer wear a uniform feels liberating. It’s something you’re quite excited about, though it does pose a few challenges at first.

To start with, you need more clothes than what you already have. Wearing the same pieces over and over again is not something you want to be known for. However, investing in a new wardrobe is always going to be quite an expense. That’s why you need to focus on getting versatile clothes that will enable you to combine multiple outfits, without anyone noticing they’re the same pieces you wore a few days earlier.

Before looking at the sections with the trendier pieces, get a few T-Shirts, shirts or polos in neutral colours, such as greys, navy, and black. You’ll also need a few shorts and chinos in the same colours – simple models in solid colours or at most, very subtle patterns. These are usually cheaper, meaning you’ll be able to get more of each. Their minimalist design and versatile colours make them easier to combine with other colours consequently, enabling you to create many more outfit combinations than is possible with pieces in trendier colours. Neutral colours also lend themselves well to different styles, meaning you can easily adapt an item to reflect your own personal style. 

The more particular an item’s colour, pattern, or style, the more restrictive it will be, in that it’s harder to be worn regularly without it being noticed by others. Only once you’ve got enough basics should you start adding pieces that are more unique 

 A good bag is also a worthwhile investment. Take it up a notch from the one you used for school by going for a stylish design, such as a minimalist model in faux leather or a synthetic material (depending on your budget), which is also light and comfortable. Backpacks are ideal for carrying heavy loads and are currently very trendy. Messenger bags are another popular alternative, as they can be spacious and contain a number of compartments.

Final word 

In addition to all the running around from one hall to another and getting lost in the maze of corridors, the first days at Sixth Form are about building a circle of friends. Therefore, making a positive first impression among other students is crucial and you know all too well how important your appearance will be in helping you do just that. Personal hygiene and a neat look will not only help you feel more confident but will also make it easier for others to see in you, someone they would like to have around. Remember, without the school uniform, you need to make a bit of extra effort, as your appearance is all about you.

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