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Combining coloured trousers with other colours

For so long, men’s trousers were only available in neutral colours with at most, a subtle pattern that distinguishes a trendy pair from a classical one. Nowadays, men have a much wider range of colours to choose from, some bright, some muted. However, neutral colours remain by far most men’s preferred choice, mainly because of the ease with which they can be combined with other colours. Trousers in non-traditional colours, such as red, yellow, green, and turquoise pose too much of a conundrum for those unsure of their colour-combination skills. Yet, such colours are actually very simple to combine. Here’s how.

Neutral colours

Combining neutral colours with your brighter trousers is always your safest bet. Going for another strong colour is almost certain to result in a clash of colour, that will make the outfit look disjointed. In case you’re not too sure if beige, grey, or navy will work well just go for white. That’s one colour that definitely blends well with any other. You needn’t stick to solid colours though. As long as the background is in a neutral colour, a patterned top will work just as well, especially if the pattern includes a hint of the trousers’ colour. It gives continuity to the outfit, without making it look too coordinated. This also applies to accessories e.g. pocket squares.


The monochrome look does not work well with trousers in brighter colours. They need tops in a lighter/darker colour to tone down the intensity of the colour. This is why neutral colours work so well with such trousers, as they keep the outfit looking balanced. However, other colours can also be combined, as long as there is some contrast between the lower and upper halves of the outfit.

Below are some colour options that I find work well with trousers in non-traditional colours. They are not the only combinations that work but are merely intended to illustrate the points above and help you get started. 

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