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Shorts – the right fit and length


Shorts offer some welcome relief against the cruel temperatures typical of the Maltese summer, making them a definite favourite for the season. Comfortable as they might be, it’s easier to look poorly dressed in shorts, than in trousers. Whilst this is often a result of what they are worn with, it’s also the result of the wrong choice of fit and length.

As for length, whereas the trend is for shorts that barely reach mid-thigh, the truth is most men are not comfortable exposing so much of their legs. On the other hand, shorts that reach below the knee are rarely flattering. By covering most part of the legs, they make them appear too short compared to the rest of the body, giving the impression one is always about to trip. The ideal length is just above the knee, with the option of going for slightly higher or lower in order to visually balance the legs’ length in proportion to the upper body.

Final word

It’s easy to assume that all shorts will keep you cooler. That is far from true. Of course fit and length play a major part in how effective a pair of shorts is in keeping you feeling comfortable in the heat. However, equally important is the choice of fabric. Thick or synthetic fabrics will make it unbearably hot. Hence, it’s always important to opt for cotton or linen and check the fabric’s thickness for comfort.

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