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How to dress for the Maltese summer

Another hot and sticky day. You take a cold shower to freshen up, only the water is never cold enough. As soon as you dry yourself, you start sweating again. Your clothes cling to every inch of your body. By the time you’re ready to leave, you already need another shower but why bother? It’s another Maltese summer – and for those of us not on holidays, it can be cruel!

Unfortunately, there is little one can do about the heat or the lack of shade but we can dress in a way that makes the heat a little less unbearable. Here’s how. 

Stick to light and breathable fabrics

Cotton and linen are the ideal fabrics for summer. Of course not all cotton garments are suitable for the hellish temperatures we experience in Malta. Go for a lightweight and soft cotton. The downside is that both lightweight cotton and linen wrinkle a lot, which can make a suit look less elegant. A lightweight viscose blend is an alternative worth considering. 

Avoid tight-fitting clothing

For maximum comfort, summer clothing should be loose enough to allow air to circulate thus, creating a cooling effect. Tight fitting clothes trap heat and quickly absorb sweat making them unsuitable for summer.

Keep layers to a minimum

Layers will only add more heat, meaning the less, the better. True, sometimes a blazer or suit jacket may be required, which is why opting for fabrics appropriate for the season is really important – it makes the added layer a bit more endurable. 

Stick to white and dark colours 

If you’re the type to sweat profusely, you’ll know how embarrassing sweat patches can be and how visible they are on pastel and bright colours. On the contrary, on white and dark colours they tend to be less striking because of the lower contrast. However, isn’t summer the season for colour? Patterns are also good at concealing sweat patches – as long as the background colour is white or dark – whilst also adding colour to your wardrobe.

Wear a hat

Keep your scalp protected from the sun’s rays with a hat. The advantage of a hat over a cap is that it also protects the ears, where skin cancer can also develop. A comfortable hat should not fit too tightly nor trap heat.

Keep clean

When it’s hot and sticky, it takes a bit more effort to keep smelling fresh. Frequent showers, wet wipes, and deodorant will help you keep feeling clean and smelling nice.

Final word 

Adapting your clothing to the season will help keep you feeling a little less uncomfortable. However, at the end of the day, in such temperatures, it’ll always be hot. Be practical and where possible, take the necessary precautions to avoid the heat, such as not going out in the afternoon and of course, drinking plenty of cold water.

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