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Choosing a swimsuit for your height and body shape

What would summer be without days relaxing on the beach or by a pool? Quite frankly, unbearable, which is why there is no other piece of summer clothing more essential than the swimsuit. When looking for a swimsuit, you want one that is first and foremost comfortable but just as important is how it makes you look. Here are some basic tips on how to find a swimsuit for your height and body shape.

Long swimsuits reduce visual height, making them more appropriate for men with long legs. Their height affords a bit of length, such as that of board shorts, which reach just above the knee, without making the person look short.

In the case of very tall men, a long swimsuit will help balance the disproportion in size between torso and legs. 

Nevertheless, a suit that exceeds knee-length should always be considered as to long to be stylish or comfortable.

 The short man

 Since long swimsuits reduce visual height, on a short man, they will result in the legs appearing proportionately much shorter than the torso. The shorter height of the person will also emphasise the length of the suit.

Thus, what the short man should aim for, is a suit that does not exceed mid-thigh level. It can also give the illusion of longer legs.

That’s a length that’s shorter than what some men are used to and consequently, what they’re comfortable with, making the choice of fit especially important. 

The skinny man

With a smaller physique, the skinny man needs a slightly loose-fitting swimsuit that can add a bit of volume to the silhouette, without appearing overwhelming.

In addition to a slightly loose fit, horizontal stripes and contrast detail can also add volume. In proportion to the physique, patterns should be in a small scale, as large motifs will look overpowering.

 The big man 

In order to balance the size of this physique, a loose-fitting swimsuit is the chubby man’s most flattering option, at least in terms of style. An elastic waistband or tie cords are essential to keep the suit from sliding, although the best option against this are the tight-fitting square-cut shorts. Their tight fit prevents them from sliding and exposing that unsightly plumber’s crack.  

Rather than horizontal stripes, vertical or diagonal will look best, as these have a slimming effect. In addition, pattern sizes should be on the larger scale in proportion to that of the physique. 

The athletic man 

All styles will look good on this physique, as long as the visual effect of a swimsuit’s length on one’s height is taken into consideration.  


Colour and motif are very much a personal choice. However, it’s also worthy to keep in mind where and in whose company a swimsuit will be worn. Is a suit in a bright colour and featuring a fun pattern the best option to wear to a pool-side barbecue with colleagues? Maybe not! 

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