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Style tips for short men

Height gives a man more presence, making it particularly desirable amongst men. Unfortunately, not all of us were lucky enough to reach six feet but whilst growing taller is beyond our control, looking taller is.

When choosing your look, the crucial thing to aim for is to avoid one which emphasises your lack of height. Think of your silhouette as a small block, that when divided into several blocks, these will end up looking tiny. Thus, it is ideally kept as a single block with its focus being the top. Here are some easy ways how you can achieve this.


Mixing colours is what makes putting together an outfit fun – for those of us who enjoy it. However, multiple block colours also break up the silhouette, emphasising your short legs thus, making monochrome the best option.

Of course, such a look does get monotonous after a while, especially since there are very few colours men can pull off when wearing a single colour. Add texture to your look by opting for pieces in the same colour but in varying shades or fabrics, with preferably bottoms in darker shades. If wearing multiple layers, outer pieces in a darker colour will create a slimming effect and consequently, make you look taller. Just remember to avoid a strong contrast between colours on your upper and lower halves (including your belt’s colour), as this is what makes will make you look shorter.

Fit and length 

Key to adding visual height is to make the silhouette appear slimmer hence, emphasising its verticality. Avoiding baggy fitting clothes will help you achieve just that. 

As for the length of your jackets or shirts that are worn untucked, in order to conceal as little as possible of those short legs, keep the length to just below the waist. Remember, tall people have long legs, which is why you need to keep as much of yours exposed.

A common challenge I come across is that of finding clothes in the right fit for big men who are also short. In order to fit their width, these tend to go for large sizes that often end up fitting way too long for their height, either resulting in a suit jacket that reaches mid-thigh or too much fabric gathering at the end of the sleeve. Truth be told, it is difficult for all to find ready-made clothes that fit perfectly but it is especially difficult for big and short men. Crucial here is to opt for brands which mainly cater for slightly shorter men, such as Italian and French brands. Their clothes might still be long but short enough to be shortened further without completely ruining their proportions. As for suits, I recommend going for the short range and to avoid anything that generally contains exposed pockets, e.g. combat shorts/trousers.


I’m sure you’re aware of the slimming effect of vertical and diagonal patterns, so I recommend you take advantage of these and include a striped shirt or knitwear in your outfits. Since your aim is to keep people focusing on your highest part – your face – my recommendation would be to keep patterns located as much as possible on your upper body, unless these are very subtle as to be barely noticeable. 

Collar type 

Think of collars as a face-frame, one which complements your facial zone. Since for a taller silhouette, length is crucial, short men should ideally opt for V-necks which create the illusion of a longer neck. As for shirt collars, these should be medium to small but definitely not the high Italian collars that practically hide your neck completely.


The shape and bulk of the shoe will directly affect how long/short your leg appears. For visually longer legs, opt for minimal bulk and cap-toe styles. These strike the right balance between feet that appear slightly longer without looking too heavy for your height. To further enhance the linear effect sought, opt for shoes and socks in the same or very close colour to that of your trousers, which should have a quarter break at most.

Final word

The world of fashion seems to cater for men with the same type of physique – tall and lean. Trends are thought of with the same type of man in mind, which is why they often look rather unflattering on short men. This doesn’t mean that being short automatically excludes one from the possibility of looking trendy but it does necessitate some reflection and adaptation to one’s height. Being aware of those common mistakes that result in a look that underlines one’s shortness will enable you to include trends and styles in your look without making your lack of height the focal point.

Are there any other tips you would recommend?

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