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The innovative tie-holder

To those men who regularly wear ties, read on! This will seriously make your life much easier. 

As elegant as they are, ties can often get in the way. Flipping over your shoulders on a windy day, getting in your lunch-plate, or tilting sideways when you’re seated – all of which overshadow its formality and elegance, making you ultimately look rather sloppy.

All it is, is a simple strip of very durable fabric with two button-holes spaced according to industry standards, making it compatible with all dress-shirts. It is worn by sliding it through the loop at the back of the wide end of the tie and buttoned on to the shirt buttons at the level of the same loop. Simple and unnoticeable TheTieThing will keep you looking polished and doing away with the nuisance that comes with a loose tie.

It really is an indispensable accessory for the tie-wearing guy. Available at KIR ROYAL in white and sky blue (the most common choices for shirts) though colour is ultimately irrelevant, as the strip will not be visible from behind the tie.

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