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Suede – the ideal leather for spring/summer



As the weather gets warmer, we seek materials that are suggestive of freshness. In contrast, leather starts to feel too thick and stifling. Yet, there’s one type of leather that is not only ideal for the season but in fact, should only be worn when there’s no risk of rainfall – suede.

Suede has a soft texture that complements the lightweight fabrics typically worn in summer, making it an ideal pairing with linen and fine cotton. It also looks great with relaxed jackets and trousers, unlike stiffer types of leather. There is also a certain finesse to its texture, probably the result of its need to be handled with care. This gives suede the elegance and sophistication that canvas and other synthetic materials used for summer shoes, bags, etc. lack. 

In terms of colour, since summer clothing typically consists of fresh and bright colours, I would opt for light neutral tones such as beige, cream, or tan and navy – colours which practically match all other tones in your wardrobe. If you can’t resist going for a strong colour, such as red or orange, I would suggest keeping the rest of the outfit in neutral tones that complement rather than conflict with the strong colour.

To get the most out of your suede item, giving it the proper care is of essence. Suede should never be treated with water. Before using a suede pair of shoes, belt or bag, apply a protective treatment that makes it less absorbent and thus, less prone to staining. Apply the treatment regularly afterwards, depending on usage. To remove any stains, simply use a special brush that is intended specifically for suede, applying a few light brushes, always in the same direction. Of course, prevention is always better than cure, as with most quality wear.

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